Some of y’all know that I am writing a book for UNC Press titled “The Future of Rock and Roll: 97X and the fight for true independence.” I finished the…
or, vibes vs taste
It wasn't *all* bad.
...but the discourse has moved on so here's an artifact from Beyonce criticism circa 2012's becoming the foil against which mood/vibe-based categories misrepresent themselves as having overcome genre's problematic race/class/gender bag…
Hello subscribers! I hope everyone is navigating the weather and infrastructure events OK. I sent out my quarterly free post earlier this month, and I …
On vibez, moods, feels, and contemporary finance capitalism
Plus a TikTok staring Juno, and an archival find about The Breeders' guest minimix on WOXY
Or: music, politics, and the asset economy
Its her factory December 2020 edition
volume 1 issue 1
It's still very rough, but I'm excited about it and think it actually says something