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Since spring 2020, budget cuts at my university took meant that money that I usually relied on from my school to pay for things like guest speakers to visit my classes or research support would no longer be available. And that money won’t be back for 2021-22. So, I turned my blog into a paid newsletter in order to be able to pay people to bring their expertise to my students and to fund basic research expenses (we don’t even have money for copies!). Your subscription goes directly to support the scholars and critics I invite to my classes, the intellectual development of students at a non-flagship state school, and my own research.

So that’s the altruistic case for subscribing. But there are also self-serving reasons! I’ve been writing about pop music, feminism, politics, and philosophy for more than 20 years for both the academic and popular press. Subscribe to see how all that thinking starts, and to read shorter pieces too small to publish anywhere else.